The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why did we exist?

Why did we exist, in a world that never understood love?
A planet that moved in directions that we could not decide.
I cry, I cry for you because you loved me and let go of me
I exist, in a void that stretches into reams of time, not knowing when it will end
Beckoning to you, I move into a surrealistic cloud, whispering words heard long ago in a melody
I sang, love filled paeans for you, to be unheard by many but you
Whispering words of love held in floating petals of rose
In a moonlit night, in a lush garden with a mystical air, I walk
I walk a path softly, whispering to you to come to me and hold me
In a dream that we are weaving
Heavy with promise...whispering, swirling, weaving songs of sand
Clutched in my bosom is a rose
That wilts with my warmth
A rose dyed with the ink of crying blood
Which weeps for me

Sweltering, in a heat that is not hell
I live, whispering odes of love, hoping that you hear me

Moving shafts of light pierce my vision
When you enter my world
I cannot see you because I am still swirling in a dream
Where we existed beyond magical spells
Cast over me, spells that keep me entrapped with you

I whisper, a soft dream of feathery angels
Nightingales wallow in pity for my aching heart that has not sung for centuries
I still exist, in a warp that I call time
I am soft and silken, kept beautiful and lovely only for a magical moment
And then I move on, swirling in my fantastic world that I have created
Full of magic, promise, burgeoning and ripe fruit
Spilling over with honey and nectar
I step in a swan like walk
Knowing that you would watch me
Caressed by your watchful eyes

As the dream unfolds, we see a striking vision of spellbinding lights
As we see her, the picture unfolds...
She moves on, with loving dreams
We all see her, just a woman, but with a synergy
She is a dream that we envy
A dream kept pure for the one who would love only
We let her live in a magical fantasy world
Kept soft as a dusky rose
Fragrant with the scent of a dream, of promising magic
Of beauty that few can surpass
She knows, that it is he who will love her only
For she is a promise of lush ripe fruit
Kept beautiful just for him

She lives, captive in a night

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