The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

If I told you how I felt

If I told you how I felt,
Would I still mean just as much to you?

Holding me tight,
You let me know that you care.

We still have left some of that old magic
And a lovely remembrance of times gone by

I fear that if I tell you I do love you,
Would you pull away and leave me for another?

Time runs its course when you leave me once more

Time fails again when I meet you and embrace you in my twilight...
In joyous abandon, I come to you
Reckless in my need

When you touch my heart by just a look
I melt into divine bliss and I weep to be with you, always...

Well, is a love so real that we can make it?
Maybe..maybe not, for who is to say that love exists?
A question left unanswered by sages, seers and the wandering bard...

Bless you my beloved for re-entering my life
After leaving me to stare at a fading sky, hoping, waiting...
And letting me know that we still do exist...
In a morrow that few can peer into...

Begin a day with me now
Lying in my loving arms and leaving that other forever.
Please tell me that you love me and cannot live without me
For it is only an eternity that we have together now, which time just cannot hold onto

Parade with me in that silken umbrella
That holds the sun away from my molten skin
Protecting me from being burnt from your searing gaze...

Duel with thy neighbour when he preys upon me
Hoping that I become his for a fleeting moment
Not knowing that I am owned by you and you only...

For who is to understand?
That love is just a many splendored illusion
Which we live with our bottomless hearts, in a dream that drifts away as time fades

We dwell in the abyss that we call love,
Swallowing our passion and riding the wave of trust
Stars light up a night shrouded with darkness
When aware that there exists a love purer than heaven

Be with me as you would be with your life.
For I am precious to you, and you may not be able to leave me

Belong to me
Belong to me, Oh beloved one

For it is only an eternity that we ride
Bless me, my dear husband
With your soulful love and endearments

Let me touch your feet as only a marked woman would do
For it is for you to look after and love me

When we walked the fire, we meant every step that we took.
It was a moment that got etched in my eternal memory

When you made me wear the cord of eternity
I became then yours, for ever....

I took blessings from my home
To leave and to love

I am today with you
To be with you
To die with you

Lie on my pillow and talk to me
Whisper endearments of undying love to me

Wake me up with a loving kiss and a warm heart
Tug my sari and beckon me

It is only love that allows you to do this to me
A love that eternity cannot even capture in its camera

Be with me, oh loving loving husband

As I lie bearing your child

Be with me, oh darling husband
As I teach the little one a little math

Hold me my darling husband
When she goes off to university
Leaving me to my devices once again

Pray for me my beloved
When I lie gasping with choked lungs
And have been declared dead.

Be with me my faithful one
When I leave for my heavenly abode
And the angels welcome me with silver

So rest with me, for it is time to sleep
And wish me goodnight as I lay on a lawn of light

Leave then, my beloved and find another
For now you have carried me safely
Bless you my beloved with stars, rainbows, clouds and light

For it is day and time to awaken
In the arms of another which is not me

Goodbye my beloved
A promise to meet once again remains

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