The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Somewhere in collective time

Somewhere in collective time
We heard a voice of sorrow

Of a woman who was misunderstood by all

In a world that thought she was a fool
She rose from the ashes to defy all sanctimonious emotion
That gave birth to such emotions such as envy and jealousy

They took from her, everything

Yet she always had a lot to give

Her heart bled for him
She never knew why it did bleed when he had caused the pain

She cried, knowing that he was not meant to be his
Yes she knew, she knew that she would protect him always

He did not love her the way she had loved him, he just did not
Yet she gave to him, happily

She loves another, who is a dream for her
She has not shared a past or a future with him

Yet she knows he is an angel for her
Someone who will protect her
They have lived in a previous life
As man and wife
She ran away from him because she loved another
In the stark bleakness of the night, she ran, frightened of his wrath
He loved her passionately, enough to physically destroy her
So she ran, heavy with child, wearing white, beautiful
She knocked on every door, yet no one answered
So she gave birth to a child

And now she meets him in this life
And she knows
She has let go of her past with him

She looks into the future, with warm loving eyes
She waits for her soul mate to manifest
A new love who will care for her and warm her aching cold heart

For she is tired, tired of loving and not being loved back in return
He gives her his heart, on a platter

He loves her dearly, his beloved fool
A woman who the world has not understood in their shallow quests
She rests her aching head on his shoulder
And holds his loving hand
For it is a kiss that she waits for

A kiss of tender loving care that she waits for

In a dream that will come true
With a new one who will cherish his beloved maiden
Who has waited all these years
Learning lessons of great import
His beloved fool is a wise one
Seeking only truth and nothing else
She loves and has cried many a years
Waiting to be relieved of pains caused by so many
So many fools who thought themselves wise
They recognized her but refused to give her credit
Because she was so lovely that they looked pale in comparison

She is happy in her dreams of aching sorrow, love and so much more

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