The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Devastating is my desire

Devastating is my desire
When unreaped harvests go missing
In a molten gold that we call love
I ache to come into your arms
Yet I am separated by my loneliness and a world that warns me to be ware

I run to you and stop, just so
I blush inwardly because I am maddened by just a look of yours

It is but a burning gaze, that sears me hollow and leaves me weeping with love
Yet you do not care to come and wipe away my warm tears
You leave me weeping like the soul less wanderer that you are
And rampage on foot for your very next prey
Not knowing that a maiden waits lifetimes for you to make her yours

Blasphemous are those words that tear into my pink heart
That tell me that you will never be mine, to love and to hold

I now walk on, on a soft horizon that melts just for me
The far flung worlds that I leave in my misery of heartbreak

I reach for the stars to warm my coldened heart
To melt me into oblivion and render me senseless
So I do not awaken to a lonely bed, no one to smile back to

We live in a world that exists not for love, but for desires of the flesh
So when you destroy my love
I am not fit to exist here anymore
I travel to a realm where no thought can pervade my mind, no pain in my lonely heart

Where even you may not know me, where time fails to exist

I plunder all that I have lived for, I destroy every memory when I anger
I leave no trace of my body, my soul, my heart

I vanquish all feelings and transverse to a plane where you cannot find me
I cease to be a mortal being, just a wisp of air that you cannot grasp

I immortalise myself to the Light, leaving all, being one with the Being

I may never return, so you may never know me again
It is a fool such as you, who chooses to exist just for flesh and flesh alone

While I have transversed, I have transcended all barriers, forgiven you and moved
Into a plane where nothing may exist

I now lie in a shaft of light, contented, calm.

For I have left, I have left a realm that belonged to the flesh

I inhabit nothing, nothing inhabits me

I seek none, none seek me

I am one, with the One

And that is the way it is, and will be

So go on, go forth in your expeditions for the desires of mankind
And when done, travel to me, embracing me while I feel no more

And melt with me into the Light, for we are now together

In a realm that seeks nothing, no one.

Rest with me in a shaft of eternal light.

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