The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And where are we if not in heaven?

And where are we if not in heaven?
For its only a moment when I touch your sweet lips
And its then that we kiss and reach a plateau of joyous seeking
Then come and meet me in my twilight,
Where I long for you, waiting with mogra in my hair,
Jasmine at my neck, just a seed waiting to burst with you.

So let’s wrap our silken skin onto each other
And love each other till endless time come

It’s only a dream that we make together
Of silken roses, of our child, a pure smiling star
Who greets us in the morn
With a toothy smile, rosy cheeks
For it’s a remembrance of when we lay together on that coarse bedsheet
Of just soft music that played in my ears when I lay waiting for you
With mehendi on my feet and hands,
With a wantonness that a woman could have for her man
What witchery is this?
When I cook for you a sensual meat?
And feed it to you with own bare hands...

I drive you insane with longing when I greet you with a whiff of sandal
And you cannot have me till evening come

Smiling am I when I know that you long for me
And ravenous are you, when you just want me, only me
So let’s forget all that we care about
And just lay with each other
Entwined in a beautiful embrace
It’s not the noise that will disturb us
It’s not the dance of rain that will soak me
It’s not even the sunlight that pours through my coarse curtains that blinds me

As you descend upon me
We meet in a carnivorous passion that consumes us in a raging fire

And as we culminate our passion into a whole
We collapse into a heap of dust
And lay soaked in what is not rain
Then we hear a strange noise
Of just a milkman who passes by
And I giggle, and once again you let me know that it’s not over yet..

So off we go again, meeting, rising together, churning
And we melt into the coarse bedsheets,
Not caring for the milkman,
Not caring for the sunlight that pours through
Or the rain dance that destroys my sanity

Let me be, oh let me be
For I need to sleep, and awaken from that dream...
Come on my beloved one
Rise and shine
For it’s morning
And the birds chirp
The little one may awaken
So let me be, oh let me be...

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