The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where is the sky?

Where is the sky?
That submerges me with rain when I need some solace...

What are the clouds there for if not for cocooning me in my achingness?
Who are we if not beings made just for love?
In a world that races by, I stop and tell the passerby
To sense what I feel, in painful agony
It is is just a living fantasy when we love...
For without it, we cease to exist

Walk with me my silent lover
Hold my hand when I fall into depths of whirling cries
Tear me apart, into shattering pieces
Rush me into searing hollows, of volcanic lust
Of lust that cannot be anything but....
It is love that drives me insane for you
Insane and screaming in agony
I awaken, rushing to meet you in my awakening fire
Of flames that should not be doused for then....
Then I become a dervish of wantonness
I become a mad screaming half crazed bitch
Who has heat all over her, written in searing hot irons that burn

Mad am I, when you plunge into me, darkness, light and much much more
I enjoy this passion that has driven me to wilderness for years to come
I will be now a stark naked woman, just for you

For it is you that I see, only you
When my passion culminates and a seed is born
You stir into me fire, molten....volcanic
Fire that leaves ashes of brimming lust
When we created our child, she became this Neanderthal being
That walked this earth for time to come
In her stopping stance, I see a world that she carries on her heaving shoulders
Her bosom has been created for a fierce warrior just to love, in a barren land

In our wanton lust, we forgot to douse our fire
So when we create this being, she becomes this objectified lush
Who walks this earth in a prowl of desire
A being that will destroy all sanity, remove control from the men

Who is this monstress we created?
We created a being that came from two bodies, two minds, two hearts
Yet in our passion, we forgot to think...
We forgot that we were creating
So today when we have a being that is only on a prowl of lust
We cannot blame any but ourselves
It is done, a deed that we cannot take back

So next time, in our lustful agony
We must remember when creating

To think, to think that the being that culminates from our seed
Has only us responsible for his descent to our earth
We must remember that a love that we have should be the only thing that we can think of
And to be pure when creating, to give our seed a thought

Remember to walk a cloud of love
For it is love because of which we exist

Only love.....only love.....only love

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