The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It is a solitary moment

It’s a solitary moment
When just entering a realm that forbids
A glass door separates us from reality
When all we see is fantasy
Pure love never existed
For it became impure when sullied by covetousness

I dream of you in a lush garden
I walk dew laden steps

I slide into water, dreaming that you watch me
From another world, flung far beyond time

If...if anyone understood me
They would know that I exist just for love

I love that you seek me in your numerous travails
Looking for me in every body, every being

It is love that makes you do this to yourself
Keeping a close watch on me
Always..always watching me

I feel so captive my beloved
Even when I am free of you

Centuries ago, I covered myself with a veil
So no other man could ever see me
I feel so woman
When you are there

I just know that it is your arms that I seek
A stillness pervades my very being
When I am consumed by love for you, however covetous it may seem
I still strive to break from the shackles
That hold me to you
And then make me want to be reborn to be your mate, forever
So how do we break free?

How do we break free of all human desires?
When desire is all that we have here.....

It is still a solitary moment
When it is just you that I see

Walking towards me
When the veil has lifted

A realm that I cross over
To be with you in all time to come

A lawn of lavender fills with light, golden and pure

When I enter into an embrace, holier than an angel
It is a fruition that seeks no fame

Just a fruition of a love that was meant to be
A love that surpassed all

A love that encompassed all flames

That never perished

That stayed until time stayed
So when you walk to me
Angels sing
Birds kiss

Feathers tickle

Babies smile
For it is a love that stays pure
Devoid of any desire

Any flames

Any unholy passions

Just a meeting of two beings

That were always meant to be.....


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