The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swept into wilful time

Swept into wilful time
We embrace slowly
Caressing the winds that touch us

Not knowing that we are to be parted
We touch, in a dream that will soon finish
Leaving me weeping and asking why...
Why could you never be with me?

Leaving me alone in your ecstasy
I weep, crying alone in a bed that some time was made just for us

Be still when I touch your aching heart
Filled with pain of our separation

I whisper words of love to you but you sleep

In a dream that may never finish

I love your aching heart, holding my hand steadily on it
We sleep, hoping that our eternity remains

We hope that we reach Nirvaana
In just love, we could do that

But the world does not permit it
Striking a judgement when not needed

Making two lonely hearts part once more
It is deep pain that I feel when centuries later you lift my veil

It is cumbersome to even tell you how I have waited
For just a glimpse, I blush when I see you

The world knows that I ache
But they want you to know that it was a broken heart that called out for you

A heart that you broke
In infinite pieces, that could never could come together, even if you tried

I now know that I can live with you and without you
Because for years I quelled my aching heart, to be with you
You cared just enough to stay just a while

Not asking why the pillow is soaked with tears
You care for yourself, only yourself

I live in a dream where you have realised your folly
Where you have come to love me in all my madness

As the dawn rises, so rises my veil that has been kept on for fathoms of time
We do not realise that in a world where a tomorrow may not exist
We hold onto memories of loves long forgotten
It is an aching and lonely heart that searches for you in every dream, every living moment
So even when I meet you, I am searching
For something that even I do not know

It is just a lonely heart that seeks, in every living being, a contentment that is not easy to find

We sleep, living a dream for centuries
We do not know that once our moment passes, it becomes a dream that we may have lived
So we do not stop to be pure, crystal clear

We just live to our heart’s content

While I seek a truth that no one knows about
I seek to be free of you, the world, and all shackles that bind me

Saddening those who love me, because they do not know that I will run one day

I just do not seek anything that only exacts material pleasures
I seek the truth, so hard to find

I leave you in your dream and I walk

Onto a light that has come through to my aching soul

I walk a light that shows me the way to a universe that encompasses all

I see a being that shines from eternity

Then I cry

I was seeking love, truth, I never found it when I lived

Yet when I left my body and walked into the light

I knew

I knew what I was looking for

A swamping and deluging of my soul with a light

Which left me without pain, calm

This is where I want to be

So I wish you goodbye and leave

Into my world of light

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