The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lingering in an oblivion that holds a searing pain

Lingering in an oblivion that holds a searing pain
Of a heart that bled once for you, night and day

I lay silent, numb, without feeling
For sleep to come over me and render me unconscious
For when I awaken, it is only you that does not exist in my world

Where will the unending eternity take us, in a world that exists without you?
How will our lives ever again intertwine, if we drift apart?

I remember fondly, of dark memories that at least lit up my empty past
Today, it is not even that, I just exist, in a void that maybe you can also never fill

For you left me, bereft, devoid, aching

It may be that someday I come back to reckon with you
But how can a numb slab of ice, have a pulsating heart?

I am dead, in a world that exists without you.
I exist, without you
Numb, totally

You left me unthinkingly
Not knowing that in my already empty vastness
Only you had ever existed
For me

It was you who brought shades of light in my very dark world
Plunged in a fiery dark, I begged for you to occupy my seed

Seed that never bore fruit
When all you cared for was just the flesh

But yet I thank you for having been
Just a lover who passed by when I cried, lonely tears

So today when I walk a wind that only has stillness
I always bless you in a twilight that only exists I
And just fading memories of a time that brought darkness into light

And made my pure being, a dark dark one

Of a sky that never filled with vivid colors
But of a dark palette that would be a blur for you

Not recognizing me anymore, you ask for my flesh once more

It tears my broken heart to say no
But I do, as we cannot walk a wind that can only carry me

We again drift akimbo, into voids that stretch and defy time
Where one of us gets destroyed
And bleeds into sands of time

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