The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joy has no bounds

Joy has no bounds
When my heart fills over
A breathless moment passes by
When alive in my heart ticks a love for you

Breaking into a smile
I glide towards you like a Giselle white
With arms bare, flush with a reddish glow
Seething with a golden hue

I walk a slow caressing walk
As if it is just love that I make

Watching you watch me
A blush takes over my entire being
Smiling, knowing, wanting....just you

A meeting of two hearts is what we see here
After years of sorrow, I again rise from the ashes
Kept alive just for you

It is not volatile the moment
But pregnant with years of longing

With desire felt from the dregs of the soul
I just know that we may not rush into this moment of precise longing
We do not even care, we do not even care for watchful eyes
When we slide into a tearful but silent embrace
Oh how my heart weeps
For I waited centuries for this day to arrive
Only to know that you did too
We leave aside the past and the years that went by
We let go all past hurts or not so
As we embrace, it is two hearts that meet as one
It is a folly that we parted
It is not a folly that we loved and left to walk our ways

On lonely roads that had thorns that bled my weary heart
Of wines sipped in mindless folly
Of mates that stayed but never did care
enough to feel from the heart what one should feel

We live in a love that has the strength to wait
To wait and maybe never know the pain of meeting after parting

So if it is a dream, never ever wake me up
I lie asleep with a smile on my childlike face
With you watching me from within a dream that I dream
I stay beautiful for you, for years, for centuries I stay covered with a veil that only you can but open....
Crying in my sleepful dream, I reach out to you
You touch me from realms far far beyond what we can ever understand
In an eternal moment, when I pledged you my life
I never did know that my soul was sold to you too
I denied myself this right to know..that I was sold to you

It may seem to the world that it is you that I seek
But no, we never did need to seek
When we were pledged together for eternal time

So when we parted, we met in a painful embrace
Only to part again and drift into oblivion, thrown to death, to life, to people...

Wake me not from my sleeping state
It is just light years that pass by
In a dream that we can never hold....

Illusions? Were you an illusion that greeted me with a smile?
Did you miss me in this life or the previous one or the ones centuries ago?
Did you ever know that it was me who protected you, sent you love when you hurt, when you bled?

Did you ever know that I thought of you with a smile even though the world went against you?
It was not love that did was not hate either....
It was a union that was willed in the heavens above...
But could not come to be....however karmically our life charts were carved out

Yet I will bless the time that we had together, if even in a dream
And then we move on on our destined paths
Knowing that we can never actually be parted

We rest in an embrace that not many can see
In a realm that exists just for us, supernatural, cosmic, universal

In eternity, we stay together
In a realm that not one can see
Not even me
Not you,
Nor eternity..............

Just a grain of sand
On which was written our time

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