The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It is a lovely moment

It is a lovely moment, touching you, softly, just a feathery touch
I whisper sweet nothings to you, from beyond

It is a night of wrath, when a woman lies in wait for her lover
You chance upon this lonely woman, sitting and waiting in a dew filled garden of the night
With just the moonlight softly bathing her

A rose petal floats down, burgeoning with unspoken desire, drifting
I smile, knowing that a tinkle of my silver anklet can be heard, arousing the still air

I lie in a recline, with a soft caress that lets you know that I wait, just for you

It is a woman's love and her arresting poise that will bring you to this garden filled with magic
It is her divine beauty, her golden hues that melt you and stop you from ravishing her
You wait, centuries for her to invite you to make beautiful glorious love
She lets you wait, leaps of time, and keeps her veil of modesty

She knows that it is only love, desire, and much more that will bring you to her

So she waits, in a garden that breathes fire into her body

She lies in a contented poise, waiting for her lover to come, to tear her very soul apart
The women serving on her blush madly, they know she waits with a smile yet they wonder

Will she be coveted, will she be possessed, will she be a slave to one who is a devil incarnate?

They wonder, in a night that has spoken for the two

It is a night that will weave magic and enrapture the skies of midnight blue
Stars that twinkle, breathe fire into the night

The creatures of the night hide in fear
For the wrath of passion will swallow the very earth, for a meeting of two minds will consume all

He enters the lush garden, takes his maiden, ravishes her, knowing that the veil has dropped

They all watch, tears sliding town moist cheeks, for they know that the night has spoken
They watch her grappling with a love that has no real meaning

Yet they wonder at the two
Lonely in a world filled with love
They feel the pain of love unrequited
They watch him leave, leaving their maiden weeping tears of warm blood
Of love that never was meant to be
They watch her now lying down, in a wait that may take fathoms of time
Of sands that melt into ashes
Of melting suns

She wipes her tears, and slowly goes back to a bed left forelorn
She lies in wait, still
In a passion that has ceased to exist

For the words of love were not uttered, it was a meeting just of bodies

Her soul cries out, for a heart has bled
She rises from her stupor

Pledging a lifetime of barrenness, and chastity
For she has been sullied with a love that does not exist beyond bodily pain

She now waits, for the next lifetime, when her lover can tell her that he cannot live without her

She waits, in a garden of dying fire, of moist grass, of sad songs left unfulfilled

She lies in a sleep, caressing none, being with her dark dreams, escaping, running

She waits for the next life, for her lover to take birth and be with her

She breathes slow, asleep in a dream that chases

It is a time that will come

When her beloved will love only her

Let us sleep too, for we all wait for the maiden's dream to be fulfilled

Let us sleep, oh let us sleep

In a garden of dusk

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