The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, August 14, 2010


And eternal lifetimes later,

So came a time

When you left me

And we met in another time

And what culminated from this......

Was just a timeless eternal grappling of two bodies

Just entwined in a sorrowful embrace

For it was only then that we realized

That time never did exist

It was not time that held us

Or the silvery ropes of life

That held me to you my beloved

It was a yawning chasm of an endless well

Into which i got sucked

And that went beyond...

Just beyond

Beyond what we call space

I flew into a maddening darkness

Embracing the folds of my own skin

Into a darkness that closed me in

That made me gasp for air

I grappled....

For air.....

For water.......

Yet no one came

You just left me and went away

And when I reached out for a light

Then it was only you that I see

It was a blinding curtain of shimmering light

A light into which we both got sucked

A warmth where I could not leave

And an endearing love that you could tear apart

With your very bare hands

Why, my beloved?

Why would you tear a love that is so impure?

Why would you not be in a love that swallows me whole, sucks me dry?

Why would you then want to live in this darkness?

Where the blinding light can sear your very whole?

In this timeless space, I walk the winds, winds of light, time, space and worlds

flung far, far beyond.

You choice to be with this eternal woman, with just a second of refracted light

When you throw caution to the winds and leave me to the

depths of the swirling dark oceans of whirling lust,

It's only then that we meet in a twilight where you and I tread,

We tread a wind

That swallows me whole.

For it is you, who stirs in a boiling cauldron his vicious seed,

And churns my milk of desire

And when we culminate this wholeness into one.........

We meet once again in a sphere that is above.....

Above the wrath of desire.......

Above the call of the wind.........

Above the physical grappling of the worlds that we have left.....

For we have crossed over, never to look back....

Never to touch each other....

Yet when we walk a wind...

That is the time when we touch......

We touch upon worlds that we have crossed over

We leave behind a captive love

Held together by myriad rainbows of prismatic light

For it is only then that I, can fly away my coop

For when will a bird be free, if it cannot fly the coop?

So tell me my dearly beloved,

Will you still love me and hold me?

Will you marry me and make me yours or will you love me and let me be?

For it is just a kiss that I can think of...

A love that has been defiled by a wanton woman

By your bloody pen whose letter I read

A lifetime of eternity as I wait..

For the beloved that I seek.

For it is then that I will be,

As One....

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