The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fading Light

It is a lovely time
When I know that u will come to me free of all shackles

Of only feelings that we will share

Of love that just does not covet

Of dreams that do not possess

Of travails to worlds flung far far above

Of horizons seen but never walked upon

Be warned oh foolish one
When you leave me to walk a path that few dare

When you love me and endanger me by making me want to die for you

Consumed by an unholy passion

I now dare the world to look me in the eye and tell me that I have sinned

By loving, by creating, by being consumed by a raging fire that few can douse

What mindless follies have we committed in the name of love?

When we anger,  when we covet, when we do unto the world some wierd sin that few would call Love??

When we threaten to jump into abysses of the mind?

Where we drown and embroil in our own created heights of fear??

Never would I, a pure woman, would want a fate such as that..

Where I am running from my own drown and be consumed in a fire that not even I,

As a protector can salvage...

Walk away from me oh beloved one

For we are not meant to be...

Not meant to be consumed, destroyed, to perish in a hellish fire of unholy love

Where one only covets, owns, possesses...

Set me free

Free to fly the wind
Free to be unshackled from you insanely so

When the ropes get untied

I smile and I hurry to leave you

To fly into a horizon that I will now walk

Patiently waiting for time to take hold of me

And throw me into the oblivion that we call......

We still do not know what we may call it...

But for now, let’s call it Life....

For in death, we do not exist

We do perish but we...we do not exist....

Just call it Life so it does not end....

And give me meaning and my life a purpose to be reborn

For then we can once again possess, covet...own

And so we go on and on

Till time has finished its hourly routine

And the sun has lost its energies

The moon has moved into a galaxy beyond

The planets have submerged into deluges and oceans

And the air has become a vast stillness

Then we can say

Oh we have come a long way

And justifiably so

No more yearning for pleasures
Or love
Or cauldrons of hell

Now we just rest...and wait...

For a new world to be born...

Of only love, pure as distilled water

Pure as the earth mother

A love that has no depths

No limits except of sanity

Only a love that can be eternal

Can be told that it is holy

So let us wait oh beloved one

For such a time....

In a world that we call our own

Where only Utopia can be seen

Let us wait..Oh let us wait..

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