The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beauty and sadness

Beauty is just not in nature, in your eyes, in love
When I gaze into the sky, why do I just see your face?
When I dream, why do only you occupy my dreams?
Yet we stay apart, but that is beauty and sadness my love

We stay apart, in a world that does not understand how my heart bleeds for you
I pain at seeing you, for it is a reminder of my void, of my aching heart

We just stay on different planes, because I loved you
So much so that life lost all meaning and I believed in God then
I stayed pure for your memory, not wanting, not coveting
I stayed beautiful in your memory

Let that love be called a foolish love
They would never understand why I loved someone who did not care enough
To bleed from a heart that is stone cold

You knew I loved you, yet you fooled me
You fooled me into loving you that...
That my heart is just pure molten lava for a hell that you will never know

I rest in agony, knowing that you exist in a world that I cannot even occupy
Yet I am happy that we are alive in our agonies, however different they may be

I stay captive, in a love that refuses to go, it lies embedded in my soul
We now promise to be shackled in a lifetime of pain, voids, chasms of eternity

If I bear a child, he will be in your memory
Memories that he will have coursing through his pure blood
A being that will remind me forever of you, my memory written in gold

Stunned will be the world, seeing such a sight
A being marked with another’s love

But an ode cannot be anything but a paean of love
I shiver when I see you, tremble, but I stay silent
For it is a world that allows us to stay apart

Let the nightingale sing her sad song
Let the tears flow like water

Let a heart break in its cry for help to the Almighty
I awaken every day hoping that we come together

Life goes on, I grow old in your memory

I still love you, and will always do

We may never meet, in the twilight that so calls me
In your warm arms, for just a kiss

But I know I have loved you
So everything looks beautiful, sad, lonely

When I cry, my dew laden cheeks sense the misery

The skies weep for me, and so does nature

But we know, this is meant to be

For me, a world full of pain

Leaving me bereft, shattered

But I go on, in your love

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