The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Crossing Over

It's time I leave forever
There are no roads that lead anywhere.

I dream a solitary dream, with awakening moments of being with the chosen one.

He comes to me, in love, as a star
With promise only of things sweet

I leave him entrapped in my love
For that is the way it must be

We walk on eternal time
Together in love

He gazes ahead
With me following just behind

We cross over to realms only we can see
There is no time, no road, no wind now

It's only the illusion we so did see
We merge, forever together

It is but a solitary dream
I awaken, being with the chosen one

I dream, I weave

He knows, thee

Time, through Eternity

Time, through eternity
In the fragrant tempest of the imperial green glass
Arises a maiden allure

From which slithers silvery light
Beckoning a moist rose that slips under

Wandering through swirls of time she
Hair anointed with gilded pearls

Eyes of smooth gold, laden with dust of yore
Let her, oh let her be, one with her lovely Being

A knight brandishing a silver sabre, rubies and emeralds
The gait of a tall one, with only eyes that can sense her

The warrior, the damsel, the one that only he can see
They now walk a dangerous wind, of many many lifetimes

To be one, with destiny
Born once more in this life, as mates forever

Her lonely eyes seek only him, through the fog
He knows, this is the one, once more

Sharp as steel, with no one to cut his threads
They are bound forever, in the dusty roses of time


A fragrant breath

In the loneliness, I sing bare
A song that may have touched your Soul
I look to free us from the silvery bonds of love
Yet you hold on, tenderly so

I awaken with a memory of a lonesome dream
When you saw from me from afar
But would not touch my heart
You gave me pain, when there was just love
You made me know, the magic of a pure love
Beyond the many veils of life
You showed me a sacred illusion
Of a bond that rose far ahead of time
Of no vows, of no touch, of no promise
Only that of being True to one another

So now when you walk away
I will not weep, tears of solitude
I will shed my skin, my very soul
That breathed you
I will move into a faraway Light
Where you may not see me ever again
So remember me O Wise Soul
As you leave me behind
Remember the times we shared
Of love that remained true
For when I enter the Light
I will carry your rose and nothing more

For it a love, fragrant as a dream