The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tinkling...further and further away

Tinkling further and further away
Rings a delicate bell
Telling me of a moment that is to come
Of fulfilment that has been
Devastating for the planetary orbits
But for you and me
We remain awakened in a moment that stretches into nirvanas
Sought by seers, sages, unenlightened many

Many moons back
When you lulled me into sleep
By stretching across an arm of endearment

I wept, for I knew it was never to be
A fulfilment that was so enjoyed by worlds

So when I feel blessed, it may be just by you
For loving me enough to hold me longingly just for that moment

We dance an eternal dance of pain
Where I may not have you and you may not have me
But we do know
We know that we have been together for what was a lifetime

It is not to possess you that I held you

It was to free you from lifelong shackles

Maybe you may never understand the pain

But the pain exists of not being understood

I let you go so I could not have you
And return to this realm once more
To be with you in another life

Life .....a paradox to all those who do not understand
But to me, it is only you that has been

And love

For without love, I do not exist

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