The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A star light

The house was derelict and falling apart. It was the house where Mamta had spent her childhood. As she walked up the steps, the main door creaked open. It seemed that no one had lived there for years. A rat scurried past, Mamta looked startled. The house had a strange, musty, dank odour. It had not been occupied for over twenty years now. The air was thick with dust, Mamta coughed and spluttered as she breathed in old stale smells.

As she walked through, the walls of cobwebs seemed to fall away on their own. Mamta had a very strong and powerful aura. She kept herself protected from malevolent energies as her work was such where entities could easily attack her aura. Mamta was a Shaman and an energy healer. She did home visits for people who seemed to have ill luck for no reason.

Mamta had taken it upon herself to come to her ancestral home, with a purpose. Years ago, Mamta’s family had been afflicted with a strange fate. Mamta’s paternal grandmother, Mrs. Asha Sud Nahata had died suddenly at a young age of fifty. Whilst Mamta’s father had been simultaneously declared mentally ill. Mamta’s father became a vegetable way before his time and their family business floundered. They eventually had to move to a small 2 bedroom place in Azadpur and Mamta’s mother had to get a job in an export firm to make ends meet.

Mamta was always of a spiritual bend, at an early age she started getting psychic visitations. As she started growing up, her powers became more channelized. She started her work with a clairvoyant, based in New Delhi. At age 25, she was asked to help people. Now at age 35, with her own burgeoning practise, Mamta could reach out to all people who needed her kind of help.
It was on her mother’s behest that Mamta decided to cleanse the energies of her ancestral home.

As she walked towards the annexe, her hackles started rising. She took out from her healing tool kit, a crystal faceted pendulum, strung on a 22 carat gold string. The pendulum started whirring around furiously. It seemed to pull towards the courtyard. Mamta’s psychic powers now took over.

She could sense a malignant energy force, not from the higher realms. She chose a spot in the courtyard to do her invocations. She lay a cushion on the floor, drew a lime paste circle around 2 feet in dia, within which were some symbols. She sat down on the cushion.

The courtyard was dark, with windows that were coated with a thick layer of dust. As she begun chanting, the courtyard started getting flooded with a greenish blue light. From the ceiling descended a light being. It was a little star child, with a blue-ish aura surrounding it.

The little star child being stood in front of Mamta. Mamta spoke to the being. The being communicated that it had not been allowed to leave by its astral guides. It needed to complete its karmic cycle to be allowed to go back. The being had been a little girl child in its earthly life. Her mother had not been too well and had died of cancer of the uterus. The girl child had been abandoned by its family. Shortly after, she had disappeared. It came to light that the child’s mother had been my grandmother’s maidservant. Eventually the child had got run over by a car, in the middle of the night. The child had been only 10. Its soul could not be released and it took to occupying the energies of the house where Mamta had lived.

Mamta sent the being's energies to the Light, having healed the karmic cycles. The house was then cleansed over the next one year. Mamta then had the house sold, and from the funds, started a charitable trust for the girl child. Today, there are 40 orphaned or abandoned girls that are looked after by Mamta and her mother.

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