The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time, endless time

Somewhere in time.....

A dream unfolded...

It was just a supreme manifestation

That makes time feel so captive

For we cannot ever know when..

For it is only now that I have dreamt of you

I dream awakened, asleep, in the morrow

For it is then that I have kissed you in bareness

It is then that a darkness swallows me whole...

For when I dream, I make a song,

Of a fabric whose weft only an artisan can capture

For it's only a song that a night bird can sing

And it's only a nightingale that will romance me

And draw me into a spider's web

That you, my beloved, may not be able to extricate yourself from.

Come, then let's walk on the clouds,

On the winds that carry us into a warp of time

Into a shimmering cloud of purple haze

That brings you into me

With a dream full of promise

Of plucked ripe nectarines that you sink your very teeth into..

For it's a folly that no one has loved before

For to love is to die a million deaths and come back

With a tear, a smile, a shattered heart,

And a raw bleeding wound that time will

Not heal....

Let's not talk about this pain that we call love,

Written by many into sheaths of time....

Come then, come into the folds of my womb.

A womb that holds your promise, a lifeline, a pulsating heart.

Come walk with me into the twilight zone,

Where even the angels fear to tread...

And bear with me your lovechild.

A child that will be Me.....

A child that at all times will bear

The pain and the joy that I have held...

I am so entwined in a love that may not be

Of our love that existed somewhere across the weft of time, space,

Thrown into a chasm of eternity stretched across the horizon

Of infinitesimal yawning oblivion.

A being that belongs neither here nor there

Which consists of neither water, nor earth, nor stars, nor fire, nor sand

Why then does that being shine from me?

A being that creates the very cosmos that just sprang out of nowhere,

For who is to explain this?

This that we call Life.

And how do we explain that which is borne of just seed,

And springs into a pulsating man that can just enter my abode

What then is my house, my hearth, my home that I live in...

Just another symbolic metaphor of life,

For is this what we all seek?

A hearth that we can call our own?

But yet, we exist to get out of this very suffering that we call pain, joy,


So free me my beloved, from the silvery ropes that shackle me

And throw me into the wilderness that we call Death

For it is there that I attain Nirvana...

In death I become one,

Yours to keep and to hold, And in Living form

I become a slave to time, and to you

And in that form, I am captive in your love

It is then that Nirvana can be sought...

For when we seek to bear child,

When we seek to drown ourselves into captive love,

When we seek to capture in love,

We stay shackled in ropes that some name Destiny....

For when will the bird be free, unless it is not asked to fly the coop?

When it leaves home and hearth?

When it throws itself into a yawning chasm of eternal light?

It is only thus that we establish faith,

When we have seen that our freedom is not harnessed onto myriad rainbows,

But is instead set free and sent into the Universal Light,

Which we would then call Death.

But it is not 'that' Death that we seek, it is Life, it is being alive even in


And so our cyclic patterns set into motion, many, many wheels of time.

And carve into stone...

Time....endless time..........

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