The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Four letters of love

For it was just another time that we met....

It was a momentous journey of carnal seeking

........With you and me.....

Way back then, when you wrote to me,

With a pen full of bloody ink on a

Paper sullied with our love, dreams, sands and fire............

It was for me, only a letter of love

But when you did write,

A meaning unfolded vastly in front of me

I saw unfolding in my visions' eye,

Many, many life spans of time........

Where I am entwined in the arms of love, which I saw in you,

Holding me as your very own, and when you did leave me

After plunging into me ghoulish madness of love..........

I became this dark being, sullied by tainted love,

Yet when we parted, we cried, we shed tears of rain,

Of wet sands, of muds that we soiled ourselves in.

So when I cry because the seed that you sowed

Was not meant to be,

Then a little something that i call faith, dies....

Because you care not for me

You care for only a macabre seed that you plant

A wanton woman that I am,

Why but would you do that to one who would reap a

Harvest that would be gold just for you and yours?

Then a wonder that we call Love, gets melted into ashes

As we reap the harvest of forgotten love...

And that harvest breaks a tiny tender heart that you cared

Not to touch when you seek just an unworthy alliance with a woman

That one would call pure.

For then you have sinned and broken many a cardinal rules

You have sinned and defecated into a boiling cauldron that

Would become poison and hellish for those who boil in it.

And when you go into the hereafter, then I will come with you

And once again descend on this physical plane

To destroy you as the Eternal Destroyer that I will become

For it is you that I will seek to conquer

With love, with care

As a Mother feeding her calf,

As your wedded wife,

To love and to hold

So walk with me today

Hold me as you would hold someone cherished

And allow me to rest with you

In a lawn of lavender, gold dust, and roses.

And when we melt into time,

Then again we walk into a twilight.

As just you and me, and.........eternity.

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