The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A deep hollow

A non dusty sun is not a very real thing. A halo must surround it. That is the voice that comes from within my head. 
It is the year 2010. I am a virgin, once again committing a death defying sin, virgins do not exist anymore in our realm. I do not fornicate. I advise people on sins of the flesh. They allow me to heal their rotting bodies from an age of sex and money. I am Sin, untouched.

“Anita, her name is Anita. She lives by herself. You do know she heals lifetimes, don’t you?” asks Nancy. Nancy is a sex fiend. She goes everyday to an unknown sleazy side of town. She comes back, hot, sweaty, covered with the dust of sex. Nancy asks Romesh if he wants to go on an adventure that means plunging into an unknown darkness. Romsh simply nods, exhausted from multiple orgasms. Nancy is pleased, what she wishes will now come true. Romesh and she will love each other through their mind. Nancy has to get over her addiction.

I come back from the supermarket, buying egs, milk, rice, atta, necessary supplies. I bathe away the dust of people’s shadowy energies. I kiss myself in the fog of the mirror. I come out bare, with just a raw gaping wound where my heart once lay. Blood, dripping from it, oozes in a thick form. I lick it dry. I take a washcloth, soak it in Savlon, I wipe myself. I am now totally dry. I hear the doorbell ring.
“It’s open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

I am now lying on my couch, in a languorous posture, in a clingy black kaftan, with silver lines embellishing it. In walk in a couple, energies heavy with Sin. I signal them to lie on a dhurrie, surrounded by clear stones. A huge pyramid on the ceiling allows light to filter through, prismatic, clear, refractive.

I play Gregorian Chants. The couple is restful. I light the sage, I whisper slowly, a relaxation settles on the couple. An hour later, the couple, who has now moved into an astral realm, are slowly urged to decopulate. This is their last act of fornication ever. They have now joined the cult. Only few can do this. They hand over their souls to the Unknown Being and are now with me. They will now walk realms of the spiritual world with me. They slowly rise. They touch my feet. I bless them. They give me a token, a thick gold chain, which weighs an ounce. I touch it to their auras, and go and drop it in my altar, a red mound that looks phallic. The couple stares at me, waiting for a response.

“Yes you may leave now. Remember to only contact me when you get the message. You will know when the message comes through. Now leave!!!” The couple leaves in utter silence.

“So...!! Did you feel anything?”, asks Nancy. She feels totally numb. They are slow in their demeanour today. Romesh shuffles gently to his cycle. Nancy walks with him, not touching.
“Oh, it was so very deep. Did you see her when know...did it...??”
“Yes, she was a very strong light, she swallowed my whole. Why did that happen, Romesh?”

“Well, I don’t know. But please never mention this to anyone, they will think we have lost the plot. Please promise...!!”
“I don’t know Romesh. I just don’t know anymore”. And she walks away. Romesh looks blank, he feels a sense of acute loss.

It is a windy day, The breeze has an ominous feel to it. Anita awakens to see that the windows have blown open. A strange kind of light touches the sky. A shade of pink, an electric blue. Anita knows. The time has come.
 “Romesh??? Romesh???”....she presses the doorbell and presses the doorbell. The bai from next door scowls. “Kya hai?? Kisko dhoondti hai??”
“Yahaan Romesh Ji rehte hain. Main ussi se milne aiee hoon”
 “Jao...woh toh chala gaya.” Says bai.
 Nancy perplexed...’Lekin kahaan?? Kuchh toh batao”
 “Humein nahi maloom, ab tum jao...”. Nancy returns to her home. Lays slowly on her bed. In a deep sleep. Dreams come, strange lights, pink, blue, Anita, a flickering shadow, Romesh, a flat two dimensional being, waving out from another world. Nancy awakens, startled. 

I am now Un Sin. I have walked a wind that treads on his sexuality. He will never see day again. We enter the darkness together. I can now fornicate. In a world that is only mine.

In the days that follow, Anita’s home has no evidence of anyone having lived there. A dusty dhurrie lies, with blood stains that look fresh, each day. The police are baffled about the fresh blood stains. No blood group can be detected.

Meanwhile Nancy has contracted a peculiar disease. She can never have children. Her hair has turned white. Her nails, a peculiar yellow. She has aged in the last 2 weeks. Nancy remains celibate.

Years later, Anita and Romesh’s remains are found. A line of verse.....
The beloved is what I seek.

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