The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Somewhere, in the folds of time

Sometimes, when u did beckon to me

It came to me as a flickering dream that we met somewhere in time

Only to part bitterly

with un-shed tears that now come out

It is a sad time that we can never be together

For it has been only you for me

It is a broken heart that sheds tears of untold pain

That we have been through

Yet when you meet me in heaven

You tell me, it is just not over as yet

Its a dream that went awry

A dream that again called to me in a moment of intuition

You let me know that our time has come yet again

You told me, it is true

That we have met in a twilight

Only to part

Only to part and to meet yet again in a heaven that you may never know

Come hither

Walk with me on a road that leads nowhere


When you stand there

Looking at me but not saying anything

You say a lot that has told me

In many many shattered pieces of my heart

A blood that spilled over and a cry that tore even a heart of a stone

It was a lifetime of giving that we never shared

For it was just me who loved you

It was just me who tore my own very heart into shards of sand

Of time

Of worlds that we will now never ever see

Will me to my untold death

For it is then that I will be finally free of you

Of pain that not one, not one will ever know

The darkness that pervades my being

Has left imprints of untold weathered sadness unto time

Which will take birth in the nether

And come back as a child that will be me

A child whose new life will be formed out of blood

That held pain, that held words unsaid

Of tissue that never amalgamated into seed

So then my love, we will re-enter into a warp that only we will ever know

Somewhere, in the folds of time

An unfurling of a new life will come to seed.....

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