The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A blood

He had no idea. This was a terrifying moment for him. His body shook with fear. He had seen acute madness for the very first time.

She rose from her bed, swathed with what seemed like blood. There was no fragrance, no smell, nothing.

Her eyes were glassy, staring ahead. Her long hair was a black sheath of shine, with no adornments. She had a blank expression, of nothingnes.

It was a very windy day. The skies seemed to know, there was an ominous feel to this day.

Rashi was a clairvoyant. She had occult powers. She knew.

What she did not know was this, he was sleeping with her best friend, Mandira, every night. He would cover his game with a white visual mental shield, and then a purple one so that her powers would not pierce through his dark nights. Every night, he and Mandy would meet in their friend Akshay's pg digs, make out and leave.

This would be at a time when Rashi was in deep prayer, when her ability to pierce through images, realities etc, would be at an all time low. Her third eye woudl shut off and she would be engaged in a tibetan meditation prayer.

This morning, a flower, a red one, was discovered by his wallet. She froze. Instantly she tried to tune into his days, the only time she could not tune would be when she was at prayer. He knew how to keep his dark lief hidden from her. He had the silver sword talisman that would keep her powers at bay from his sexual life.

Without asking, she let him know his time with her was up. They had been living with each other for four years now. They loved each other with a purity that very few could see. Today, all that shattered for her.

She rose from her bed, dripping with blood that started oozing from every pore. He started shaking with fear.

He knew she had the powers to destroy him with a single stroke, if she did want to. He knew she loved him, purely, madly, with every desire that he could conjure up. What he did not know was this.

She could leave him without even saying good bye.

The day she left him, he never knew what hit him.

His mother passed away suddenly within a month. His company collapsed within that very year.

He lost his dearest friend in a fatal car accident.

Rashi in the meantime, moved to Mount Abu. She is now a practising Brahmakumari. She has no desire left in her, except to serve mankind. Their daughter, Nandita is in a boarding school in Puducheri.

Rashi is at peace.

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