The author, Nandishi Shriram

The author, Nandishi Shriram
Colors myriad, yet a land unexplore

Monday, October 14, 2013

A gentle song

It’s not everyday that I hear your gentle song
For its only your pain that I have felt, for centuries

 You came to me in my dreams, a young boy
I held your hand and we went by the river
A breaking light, a lady with a red glow

Who was she, my friend, the lady with many arms & little lights?
Blessing us as we walked by the river side

A ­crystalline river, a holy place
You came to me as a blessing
Sent from the heavens above
A pure, clear aura

You came and held my aching heart
With your playful smile, you made me laugh & cry

I do say I care, I will always do, till the day eternity stops
It’s a silvery shackled bond that you cannot escape
You have pledged that you will always be by my side

A shining star, a silvery light, you shine for me
A raging anger, a redness emanates

For you, you have it all in you

To see, to perceive
Yet a beauty that rises, from your very depths

Permits me, a wandering soul, to give you time & space

There will be no one who would take your place
No one that I will ever love, the way I love you, a divine bond

From a pure, divine source, a love that cannot be understood
Time, and all eternity has witnessed the meeting of two souls

Parted from another life as child, mother, soulmates
To come back in this life and relive our karma

 To Nirvaana that I seek, I beseech you, do not part with me this time

For then we will have to be reborn once more, and many such lifetimes will be seen

By the universes that run parallel.

Come walk with me, this wind that I tread, O Pious stranger

We tread a golden wind, of times yet to be seen

Of yawning chasms of timeless eternities that you will never know
I wait, weeping solitary tears, For you to come back from where you have gone.

Come embrace this tree, that rests in a green garden that I walk upon

A diamante circle, a Silvery Moon looks askance at me

Where will you be, when I seek, just seek a soul?

It’s just time, only time. The beloved is what we seek.

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